This is a very difficult subject even if it is written in Chinese.  Normal people who don’t deal with insurance claims go through the report with the insurance agent to help them understand the process.  I will do my best.



Here is a copy of a wechat post explaining what happened



On June 29 2017 Omaha had a large storm.  Some of the properties we manage were damaged by the storm.  Kevin is always concerned about taking care of the Landlords who rely on him.  Kevin called the insurance company and began going through the list of properties that were in the area of the storm.  Kevin hired a roofing contractor to inspect the roofs.  We received a list of properties where there was some damage and we called the insurance company with that list.  The insurance company inspected the properties and determined the amount of damage on these homes.  Some of you will have enough money for a new roof even though the roof that was on the home was old.  Kevin will contact each landlord that had a property that was affected by the storm and let them know how much the received and also what it was for.  It will be suggested some landlords use the money to repair the roofs and for other landlords just to do small repair.  This process has taken kevin a very long time to organize so please be patient.  If one of your properties had damage you will receive a message and check soon.  Thank you everyone for your business




The document is done in different sections.  They will estimate the roof, gutters and siding on the house by the front, right side, rear side and left side.  They do this because storms usually affect sides of the home differently depending on the direction the wind and hail came in.  That is the reason for several sections.




I have included five colors on the example sheet.  Here is what they mean

Yellow  –  This is the total damage that was done to the house

Green  –  This is the amount subtracted from the total damage they will give you if you complete all of the work.

Orange-  This is the insurance deductible.  The deductible is how much you must pay first before insurance pays

Red –  This is the total amount of the insurance check we have received.

Purple –  This is the amount they will still pay if all items are fixed


黄色 – 房子受到损坏后修复所需要的总金额

绿色 – 在您完成修复工作后,保险公司再支付给您的金额

橘色 – 代表免赔额。 代表保险赔偿的自付部分

红色 – 代表我们已经收到保险支票数额

紫色 – 完成修理后,保险将会支付的金额


You will see on this sheet that sometimes the amount for depreciation is high and sometimes it is low.  This depends on the age of the materials that were damaged.  If the depreciation is high it may be smart to fix the items.  This is because they will give you more money back when finished.  If the depreciation is small you can decide if it’s worth it.  If the roof was completely damaged and they are paying for most of the work I would recommend having it replaced.  If the gutters are damaged and there is very little depreciation I would recommend not replacing the gutters because usually gutters still work it just changes the appearance.

在这个表单上您会发现有些时候折旧额高而有些时候低。 折旧额取决于损坏物品的老旧程度。新屋顶没有折旧额,在折旧额较高时我们推荐您去维修物品,因为在完成维修后他们会返还更多的金额。反之如果折旧额较低,则我们建议您衡量是否有维修的必要。举例:如果屋顶完全的损坏了并且保险公司承诺支付大部分的维修(置换)工作,那么我推荐维修。如果是屋檐损坏,而且折旧额也很低。这时我认为没有置换屋檐的必要,因为通常受损的屋檐会照常工作,只是影响外观而已。


Below are attachments.  They are the claims to your property.  I will make a recommendation below stating how I would handle the claim if it was my property.  If you have any specific questions about the claim State farm has a Chinese number 888-885-8988 and a website



如果您还有任何对于保险的疑问可以拨打保险公司电话,中文服务:888-885-8988 网站